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  • 'LDN' Typography by Radio, a creative studio based in Cape Town

    These little icons are beautifully detailed and ingeniously designed so the letter shapes blend seamlessly in with the objects that portray them. 



    Elementaree is a set of products for cooking tasty and sophisticated dishes in 30 minutes. With us you will enjoy a variety of dishes made ​​from fresh ingredients at home - every day!

    Branding by Maxim Ali

    (via laurnie)

    The Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography is opening this weekend, and will showcase the work of 10 exceptionally talented, emerging photographers. The photos here are the work of some of the shortlisted photographers, including Arnaud Lajeunie, Maria Rime, and Lorenzo Vitturi.

    Wes Anderson Illustrations by Max Dalton

    These illustrations were found in the book The Wes Anderson Collection, a selection of illustrations and interviews with the acclaimed director. You can buy the book here.

    Watercolour Maps by Stamen Design

    These beautiful maps were hand painted with watercolours! In order (from top to bottom): Chicago, Singapore, New York

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